How to start learning Graphic Design?

Many of us have asked themselves this, How I could learn Graphic Design, especially that the designing has became a necessity in our era, weather it was for a business, educational, and for the artist's needs, we all know that when you want to make a commercial advertisement (printed or digital) you will need a designer, if you're an artist and you want to collect you artworks in a design or roll up for your art show you will need a designer, and the same for the educational content. if you need a visual identities for your social network or for your website you will need a designer.. so let's say that the whole world need a designer :3
okay, We would like to give you the best tips and ways to learn the design according to our creative designer in DMANTRA, in a simplified way in this article.


  • The Passion:
    Before you decide to become a Designer you should first ask yourself whether this is your passion really or not! cause the design requires constant learning and the daily development of your skills.
    In addition, there are many techniques and methods in designing that are not easy for us to deal with, so it's hard for any one to be a successful designer, if you want to be a successful designer You should find the pleasure in the experience and learning of these hard stuff, till to perfect the techniques, and master them.
    Now, If you ask any designer how you can handle these complexities, he will tell you that passion and pleasure makes everything easy for him.
    easy for him. 

  • Learning, learning and learning:
    Start by looking for free sources of learning, like the e-sites, educational videos or books, and be aware that any theoretical learning will add nothing to your experience unless you do the experiment dozens of times and hundreds of times, till you master what you really learn.


  • Do not be afraid of failure:
    Fear of failure is the worst thing a learner could face; on the contrary, learn to accept the failure and try till to success and make it challenge to build the confidence that you need, which will always push you forward. and develop yourself well and your skills on design programs.


  • Learn to see:
    "Learning to use design programs tools does not make you a designer, but you also need to build your visual awareness, and to understand how to analyze the elements and how to draw the basis, at least, "There are two elements that I can't abandon in a design process or a logo. Certain; these two elements are my sketchbook and my visual imagination " DMANTRA designer Says.
    But how I could build this visual awareness?
    Learn the basics of drawing, read the studies of the logos of major companies such as Apple, Mercedes, Amazon and many others and Note the shape and type of font that they use, the distribution of blocks, you can see and read this either through books, whether paper or pdf or as educational videos
    Here are the names of the most important books here:
    The Design of Everyday Things
    Do not Make Me Think!
    Picture This How Pictures Work
    Try and learn .. Remember that the trying and practice are the most important things that will helps you to progress


  • start to master on design programs:
    The type of design programs you need to master is different depending on the type of specialization you are going to. For example, if you want to specialize in Graphic Design, you need to learn: Illustrator, Photoshop, In Desgin. If you are going to Motion Graphic you have to learn: after affect and Premiere.
    the Specializations and programs are more than that, but we don't want to linger here, because we will be write soon an article explaining these details.


  • Listen to the advice of the profs:
    Our designers friends often give us tips they have learned late in their careers, so try to listen to them and take advantage of them. But at the same time you need to develop what they teach you, do research and discuss some techniques with them.

  • Find out what makes you special:
    We always notice the difference in the artists work, where each artist has his own style both in painting or music, for example, on one hand Da Vinci and Michle Anglo belong to the same stage in the Renaissance but both have a special style that distinguishes it from the other, and on the other hand the designing is also an art and despite the participation in the principles and basics Software design However, there is unlimited space of our creativity, simply find what you are skilled at, and surpassing to the maximum you can.

  • Colors and font:
    Colors are one of the most attractive elements in designing, which can ultimately judge if you made a great design or not, so it is very important to study the Color Theory & Color Circle, and to recognize the significance of each color to the audience that you targeting.
    and we can't forget the importance of choosing the right "Font" specially, in fact we need to be careful when we use it, cause it what will make the elements integrated in the design, so you need to learn more about fonts to make an artistic design.

  • Accept criticism and hear the opinions of others:
    Of course, the most important thing that helps the designer to develop is having an open mind, the ability of acceptance criticism, to recognize the weaknesses and strength in his work, and thus will be able to develop and learn more quickly.

  • Follow the professionals, but do not copy their work:
    Copy the works of professionals and to make a simple modification does not make you designer, but it reduces the chances of success and does not make you creative, otherwise it will not gain you a good reputation. at the same time it's okay to make a similar designs in order of training and learning, so learn from them all and study their designs , To build your own perspective and your own designs.

  • Create your own portfolio:
    Having a portfolio for your designs is like having a full-fledged academic CV, So create a portfolio for your designs and put on it your own design, a known designs you've trained on, a redesigned website that you find not artistic or practical, Redesign of a smartphone application or Even redesigning big corporate ads with an explanatory explanation of your idea, this will help you win the admiration of others and you may get some great job offers.

  • It's Okay to start free of charge:
    Well, at the first period, money is not what matters, but what really matters is your reputation, and your name, the experience that you will gain in your design for your friends in their shop, for a theater show at your school or university. those things will push you forward.


at the end, these were some important and general tips for anyone who would like to enter the career of design. In our next articles there are many things that we will put forward. If you have any suggestion or inquiry, please let us know.

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