What the difference between Marketing and Advertising?

Many people confuse two very important terms in the business world: marketing and advertising. This is often confused by these two terms because of synonyms such as "marketing and sales" or "marketing and advertising." But the fact is that each term has a different connotation, Let's get to know this difference ...

First of all, we need to know that marketing is much broader than advertising, so advertising is part of marketing, and we'll show you what's important in the business world. So let's start by explaining the meaning of marketing and explaining its elements.

The lexicon defines marketing as a social management process whereby individuals and groups get what they need. This is achieved through the production and exchange of valuable products with others. Marketing is the key to achieving the organization's goals. It includes identifying the needs and desires of the target market and obtaining desired satisfaction more effectively than competitors. .

In short, it is the activity or work that aims to promote a product or service, which also includes market research and advertising. His objectives are summarized in three key points according to business consultant Evan Carmichael:

1. Engage your target audience.

2 - Make them decide to get your products or services more easily.

3. Make the customer feel safe and confident about your products and services.

One of the three objectives is that marketing is the cornerstone of every business. It involves many, many elements and tools that work in an integrated way and with different ways of presentation. All four of these components are (Product, price, promotion and location). According to Harvard professor Neil H. Borden, we will talk about it in a separate article. Its tools are numerous. The marketing process starts from manufacturing the product and ending with the sale and even with the after sales services. Logically you can not shop for a product that is worthless to your customers , But must be a Think of a product or service that your customers really need even if the value is not clear to them, you can convince them and promote them.

If the marketing process is all based on a strategy and integrated planning from the beginning of the business to the arrival of the customer and beyond (after-sales services), and now let us on the most important tools that fall within the framework of marketing:

    Internet: Internet marketing is one of the most important means of marketing in our time, especially since the majority of customers are searching and know the world of business and companies and services they offer through the search online first, if you do not have an online presence, your marketing plan lacks one of the most important marketing tools.

    The idea of ​​online marketing began with the Excedrin product campaign, which was then very successful

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    Printing: International newspapers and magazines are important marketing tools, where they are still the largest companies that sponsor magazines and newspapers and publish their titles on them. The road advertising is also of no less importance. You use the nature of the public who read certain newspapers or magazines or the public in a certain area or place You can target the right segment and want it thoughtfully.

    Search Engine Optimization SEO: the process of improving the visual content of search engines such as Google, Bing so that your site appears on the first pages of search engines

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    Social platforms: Let us say that social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instgram, Twitter are becoming necessary and important for any business, and for any promotion, through social networking platforms you can acquire many potential customers and you can target your audience in more thoughtful ways.

    E-mail: This is a very important tool when it comes to targeting a particular segment. It also shows how professional the company you shop in is measurable and helps you build a good relationship with your customer.

    Video: While there are commercials, creating a video that targets your customers, whether educational or entertaining, is crucial to their role in creating an impression and a strong relationship in their minds, and it's also important to raise awareness about your brand.

    After we explained the marketing address and talked about some of the most important tools, we saw that advertising is part of marketing, although marketing is the wheel that walks the business, advertising is the tool that talks about this wheel, as advertising is what tells your customers about you and your activity and what your company offers Of services and products is often the element of the wage in the marketing process, and here is a simple list of what we can consider an advertisement, and what is not considered an announcement:

    First: What is considered an advertisement:

    Newspaper and magazine ads
    Road advertising
    TV and radio ads
    Ads on buses and air ads

    Ads that appear on websites, social media platforms, and YouTube

    These are all advertising and not marketing, but part of the marketing process, while studying the marketing product appropriate to the customer and the sales process and how to target the audience that corresponds to the product or service provided, market research and the position of competitors is only advertising to inform the public about your services.

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