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Enjoy technology, quality, and stability of the performance with web hosting from DMantra


 As a Business Development Company, we at DMantra understand the importance of user experience at your site, our hosting service is more than just reliable, high-performance hosting. It is designed specially to suit your business.

We take care of the entire onboarding and site migration, health checks, performance tuning, and security hardening - to give your client's sites the best possible chance at succeeding online.



Why DMantra?


Best Hosting Rates

We always strive to offer the best and most competitive prices to our customers. We also have the advantage of having our own servers, providing you with the best possible hosting at the best possible price and the strongest technical support before and after booking the service.


Host with powerful resources

DMantra offers you complete resources from servers to ensure you have a powerful processor performance and memory with enough capacity for as many visitors as possible in order to enjoy a strong location without any technical or technological problems.


Privacy and complete confidentiality of all your site information

One of the most important features of our hosting services is to maintain the privacy of customer information. For this purpose, we have an automated server control system, which enables us to keep your information completely confidential through an automated system that ensures your privacy and protection.


Hosting that supports all software platforms

No need to worry about not being able to run your software or files, because our hosting service supports all platforms. We also have a team of experienced professionals.


Free archiving service

The shared hosting of DMantra offers free SEO service via tools available in the control panel of your site, which will help you with several clicks on the archiving through SEO.


Protection from DDOS attacks

We also provide you with protection from denial of service attacks free of charge when you book a plan of our shared hosting plans. It’ll provide your site with protection from any attacks it may have in order to maintain the trust of its visitors. Your site is always safe with DMantra hosting.


Team experience

We draw strength from the strength of our team, which has a wealth of experience in hosting, designing and supporting content management software, providing the fastest and most sophisticated Web solutions.


After-sales service

We are always interested in supporting all of our services, especially after-sales services, relying on a team of integrated technical support engineers and a special team to provide 24/7 service.

In DMantra we always emphasize the speed of response and analysis of the problems you are facing and work to solve them as quickly as possible; to provide the best service to our clients, and gain their trust.


Money-back Guarantee


We guarantee that you will always have the best hosting services. If you do not have a unique hosting service, you can restore your money for 15 days. However, we always promise you that you will receive a hosting service that gives your sites the power, speed, and stability through advanced technology and continuous technical support. 


With DMantra you can have amazing capabilities to ensure your site's continuity and speed, thus maintaining your clients and achieving advanced results on Google.


Web hosting is preceded by a very important step, which is to choose a unique domain that makes your services well established in the minds of clients, followed by choosing a web design company that adds the desired style and beauty to your site.